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Industrial hemp planting bases of Hunan MiSo Biosciences.


Our hemp seeds are developed by our strategic partner- Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, the only national comprehensive research institute dedicated to bast crop research.
We've got the Industrial Hemp Planting Licenses and have 8 million square meters planting areas in Huize,Yunnan. All these promise us the enough supply capacity as a hemp wholesaler.
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Bulk 99 CBD isolate from CBD mufacture MiSo Bio.


MiSo provides an innovative range of high-quality raw materials like CBD isolate, full spectrum oil, broad spectrum oil, water soluble CBD powder, and minor cannabinoids like THCV, CBG, CBDV, CBN, CBC. We are one of the biggest hemp wholesaler in China.
All of our products are created using our patented extraction technology and are tested by third-party labs, to guarantee clients higher quality and purity. Being a hemp wholesaler, we're proud to stand out for our commitment to quality.
But we'll let our products speak for themselves!
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MiSo Bio provide one-stop CBD solutions with white label service.

White Label

MiSo is one of the most reliable and trustworthy CBD white-label manufacturers. We provide a complete service, full support and a full-range portfolio of premium CBD solutions of highest quality and safety.
If you have specific needs, we also offer custom CBD formulations, depends on your CBD needs. All the products in our factory store are available as white-label, at wholesale prices.
Our custom-made solutions mean we formulate your special blend in the solvent of your choice in any requested CBD percentage. Believe we are the right hemp wholesaler your are looking for.
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MiSo Bio Online

Miso Bio has a new logo. The original logo is also very beautiful, but the new one has added more elements, and the cannabis leaves are more realistic and more recognizable.
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Miso team did a transparency test for one of our clients, and we recorded the transparency of our CBD samples dissolved in DCM. Let's look at how transparent they are. If you are interested in our CBD, follow us and contact us today. ❤️ Website: www.hnmisobio.com
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The Chinese New Year is coming. The MiSo team wants to extend our warmest wishes to all of you! 🤞 May the Year of the Dragon bring you and your loved ones prosperity, good health, and boundless joy. 🏮 ✨ Welcome 2024! 🎉 🎉🎉 Gentle reminder: MiSo office will close office to celebrate the new year from Feb.10 to 17 2014. During this period, our response times may be slightly delayed. We appreciate your understanding. ❤️
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With our golden full-spectrum CBD distillate, we craft your CBD oil in various flavors and strengths, offering your customers a unique, clean, all-inclusive hemp experience.
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Looking for a reliable hemp wholesaler that offers top-quality products at affordable prices? Contact Hunan Miso Biosciences! As a trusted provider, we pride ourselves on delivering premium hemp products that meet the highest standards of quality. Our extensive selection includes a variety of hemp-derived products, including CBD oils, edibles, topicals, and more. With our advanced extraction techniques and rigorous quality control processes, we ensure that every product is pure, potent, and free from harmful contaminants. Whether you're a retailer, distributor, or business looking to stock your shelves with exceptional hemp products, Hunan Miso Biosciences is your go-to wholesaler. Experience the reliability and affordability of our top-quality hemp products today. Contact us: Website: https://www.hnmisobio.com/
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Are you ready to dive into the world of cannabidiol and discover the latest trends, products, and insights? MiSo team attend CannaTrade 2023 in Zurich. Can't wait to connect with industry leaders and explore the potential of CBD! Welcome to talk with us and learn more about us at booth207! Stay connected: Company website: https://www.hnmisobio.com/
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This is the short view of our factory in Yunan province. You will see our workshop and products showcase.
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MiSo Bio is a professional CBD supplier in China. We got industrial hemp certificates for planting, and processing legally. Due to COVID-19, it's not easy to visit our factory-like before, so today we sharing a video about the whole look of our factory with those who are interested in us. Welcome for your visit.
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Address: Office Add: Room 001,3F, Software Park,Lugu Avenue, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.China
Factory Add: East of the South Gate of Chufengyuan,Chuxiong City, Yunnan, P.R.China

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