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CBD Vape E-Liguid Sample

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CBD Vape E-Liguid Sample
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  • 30ml1floz Bottle and Dropper with 3000mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content minimum, High potency CBD Vape Juice Blend of fast-acting pure CBD Vape proprietary formula for getting the euphoric and health benefits of Cannabidiol and the effects of CBD without THC.
  • ● Blueberry
  • ● 3000mg/30ml per Bottle
  • ● CBD Powder Formula
    • Product Name: CBD Vape E-Liguid Sample
    • Item NO.: 00000048
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Volume: 0.3 CBM
    • Category: Products
    • Creation Time: 2022-01-06

    Ready to vape as is to have a taste or have a another wonderful trip! Our CBD E liquid is without positive THC that will make your brain fuzz.


    ● CBD Potency: 3000mg 

    ● No THC Detected

    ● Color: Yellow to Brown Oil

    ● Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin,Propylene Glycol,CBD Powder,  Food Grade Blueberry Essence

    ● Active Ingredient: CBD

    ● CBD potency can be chose: 1500mg,3000mg,6000mg or Customization+

    ● Flavor can be chose: Blueberry,Original,Mint,Orange,Watermelon,Customize

    Quality Control

    ● Small Batch Production for Consistency and Quality

    ● Always The Best Organic Ingredients for Maximum Potency

    ● Optimized ratio of PG/VG for the ideal vape hit, every time

    ● Third-Party Lab Tested

    Smooth and Silky CBD E Liquid

    To ensure CBD E Liquid, our important ingredient CBD powder comes from industrial hemp, planting in Yuannan China where has perfect growing environment as sunny weather, ample water, versatile landscape, organic soil and pleasant ecosystem. The natural geographical advantages and perfect natural climate make our hemp plants rich in cannabinoids. Our CBD powder is 100% natural, and extracted with HSCCC separation technology famous on high purity and good stability and tested by HPLC technology. Enjoy natural CBD and sweet blueberries, like nature's magic, you will have a wonderful experience of sweet and sour of juicy blueberries and natural aroma of fruits.

    On effectiveness, vaping CBD is the fastest way to get CBD into your body, as it goes straight to your lungs and quickly absorbed by your body. All natural food grade ingredients are always used in a standardized process and a stable formulation. Our products come from pharmaceutical grade workshop with standard management and production. Use with confidence.

    Silky Tasting· All Natural · Preservative-Free·Non-GMO Pesticide-Free· Natural Sweetness
    Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin,Propylene Glycol,Organic Nature CBD Powder, Food Grade Blueberry Essence

    Suggested Use:

    ● Vape just as you would vape you favorite E-liquid

    ● Can be vaped in a Tank or Dripper. For the best flavor try our CBD Vape Starter Kit

    ● No special wattage necessary to vape

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