CBD for Acne and Psoriasis? What Should We Be Aware?

Jan 19, 2022

As CBD become famous, more and more people rise awareness on CBD and try to use it. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory potency. Therefore, people are using CBD or hemp products to treat skin conditions like acne or rosacea. However, according to researchers, scientific studies on their safety and efficacy have not kept up with demand.


When more than 500 adults were asked about their use of CBD (cannabidiol) or hemp,17.6% said they used an outdoor hemp product to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea or eczema without a dermatologist's recommendation, and more interested in trying these products.


Comes from hemp, CBD is a close relative of the hemp plant. However, unlike THC (delta-9-THC), the active ingredient in hemp, CBD won't get you high. Meanwhile, CBD products from MISO is produced based pharmaceutic standards with supervision by relevant government departments, key to make THC under control and meet international standards.

"People are using these products without a doctor's guidance, even people who aren't using them are interested in learning more," said study author Adam Friedman, PhD, chief of dermatology at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington, DC. CBD, derived from hemp, is a great discovery and good to many conditions such as relieve pains, reduce anxiety, fear reaction, depression stress, help sleep insomnia, reduce inflammation and so on. Even they are effective on help reduce side effects of drugs sometimes. It is so good that people cant help to loving it.


it's time for science to catch up.” Dr. Adam Friedman said.

Some early animal data looks promising suggested that these products may help treat inflammatory skin diseases. "We know that cannabinoids activate the body's Resolvin pathway, which turns off inflammation," Friedman said, “Cannabinoids set the stage for inflammation to resolve and recruit the players that are essential to cleaning up the damage from inflammation.”


About 89% said hemp or other hemp products could be used to treat skin diseases, and most said they would be willing to try one of these products if their dermatologist gave them permission to use them.


Two-thirds of those who saw a dermatologist were told to try CBD products, which are mainly used to treat acne and psoriasis. Only 8% of those people used medical hemp, which requires a dermatologist's permission.

When it comes to CBD, however, buyers should be attention, as these products aren't regulated by the FDA like drugs. Medical hemp requires a prescription from a doctor and can only be purchased from state-run dispensaries, because they are under quality controls.


However, not everyone who uses CBD pre-obtain a prescription from their doctor. Also, the price of CBD products itself stop part of people. At this time, non-pharmacy CBD products take the place. So how to ensure the products you choose is safe?


Review analysis certificate (COA) of CBD products regularly. This document provides test results for any supplement, and you can find all ingredients information there. This document is released by the company for free. If it's not online, contact the company, and if they don't share it, it's a red flag. Also, look for ingredients other than CBD, if you're sensitive to other active substances, your brain will quickly find them and feedback soon. All CBD products from Hunan MISO can provide COA and related third party laboratory test reports. Believe us, our products are worthy for it.


To be attention, we can never use non-medicinal CBD products to replace the prescription one for skin diseases, any treatment purposes shall follow up doctor's advice.


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