CBD in Europe

Dec 2, 2021

Although CBD is hot in world extend today, but it is not legal in all state, and difference legal place have different limitation about it. The main reason is that CBD is isolated from the plant which contain little nature THC that easily connected with recreational marijuana by those people with little knowledge about these things.

CBD extract is without THC isolated from hemp plant like other single extract minor cannabinoids. Full/Broad spectrum oil those contain little THC with limitation under 0.3%. All these products are produced by the companies strictly under control of government administration.

Only THC is considered narcotic, toxic and psychotropic. CBD is none of this, and for this reason, it is "treated" differently both in the UK and throughout Europe, where specific regulations are in force for the cultivation and marketing of CBD.

Today, thanks to the new laws, you can legally buy the best CBD at your favorite CBD shop online.

It appears evident how selling and, consequently, buying CBD is entirely legal in the CBD legally countries. 

The UN eliminated this substance from so-called Schedule IV and did so in 2020. CBD is no longer regarded as a narcotic without any healing properties. In any case, despite the existence of primary legislation valid for all European countries, each State is then free to promulgate ad hoc laws on this subject. However, while always respecting what is established for the entire European Community. So how are things in Europe? Let’s try to clarify!

CBD in Europe: how things stand

Cannabidiol, or CBD, in Europe was one of the main protagonists of 2020. This is because the European Court has decided to allow its marketing as long as it is produced in one of the member countries. Thus, a historic decision came at a particular moment, giving a very strong boost to the market in the sector.

To change the legislation in terms of CBD in Europe was a trial in the UK in which two traders accused of having imported cannabidiol to insert it into e-cigarette liquids.

At first, the two were convicted but, appeals were successful as the CBD had been purchased and cultivated in one of the countries of the European Union (the Czech Republic). A significant sentence because it has shown, for the umpteenth time, that European laws are above those promulgated by each State.

If it was illegal to buy CBD from cannabis flowers and leaves in the UK, the fact that it was a product of the European Community proved the two French sellers correct.

Recently the European countries met and with the United Nations Drugs Commission almost unanimously (only Hungary voted against) that cannabis should be cut off from the table, dating back to 1961, that the included among the substances dangerous for human health.

Following this, in 2019, the WHO (the World Health Organization) also moved and spoke of CBD enhancing its properties, especially of a therapeutic type, urging member states to abandon the too conservative attitude towards cannabis and cannabidiol in particular.

Let's see how some of the leading European states have decided to behave towards CBD.

German cannabis is used for the treatment of pain but only in the most severe patients. On the other hand, CBD-based products are free for sale, and no medical prescription is required.

Switzerland goes a bit ‘in contrast with the European rules allowing, yes, the sale of 1% CBD but bringing the percentage of THC granted, when present.

But what are the CBD cannabis new trends throughout Europe?

CBD oils

In the UK, CBD oil is the most popular with consumers as a CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarettes and as a de-stressing product that brings relaxation and serenity because it is the best substance keeping the highest concentration of cannabidiolmolecules.

CBD oil acts favourably on the synapses connected to anxiety to fight against stress or depression. It is therefore well-known to be an excellent anxiolytic, effective in regulating your mood.

Besides, CBD oil is also well-known as an anti-inflammatory for Crohn’s disease (a severe inflammatory disorder of the digestive system).

CBD e-liquids for vaping

The CBD trend in the vaping industry has increased tenfold with the arrival of CBD in the composition of CBD e-liquids. Like nicotine e-liquids, choosing the right flavour and the proper dosage of CBD contributes to a satisfying and effective vape.

It is, therefore, no surprise that this mode of consumption of CBD has developed rapidly.

The flavours of aromas encountered in specialized shops are available in e-liquids with fruity, minty, gourmet or tobacco flavours. However, the most unique is the terpene flavours that lend themselves to the enjoyable use of CBD e-liquids. The terpenes emerge indeed the smell of the plants of hemp, which is extracted from the CBD.

In conclusion

Due to its peculiarities, CBD is now required in many sectors: from the cosmetic one to the food one, to that of drinks, to that, again, of drugs and oils.

CBD is a product that can relax, decrease pain and inflammation and more. Appreciate its potential in areas of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. All these products are not illegal since they contain CBD (even in high concentrations) but are, instead, free of THC (the substance considered, instead, unique and, therefore, illegal).

In Europe, the cannabis and CBD markets have broken through frontiers that were unthinkable until recently. Turnover exceeded 450 million euros (mainly linked to the marketing of cannabidiol-based oils). It accounts for 31% of the global CBD oil market, second only to North America with 40% market share. The CBD product market is expected to account for more than 0.15% of the healthcare market value by 2028. According to new research from the Global Wellness Institute, the Global Wellness market grew 12.9 percent from $3.72 trillion in 2017 to $4.2 trillion (3.5 trillion euros) in 2018. The European CBD market is expected to be worth at least 1.5 billion euros by 2023.

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