Industrial Hemp Cultivation

May 16, 2024

Cannabis is an annual herbaceous plant of the Cannabis family and is one of China's ancient fiber crops. Hemp fiber is long, soft, durable and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for weaving and making twine, hemp rope, etc. The cultivation of cannabis in my country has a long history, and its production areas are all over the country, starting from Yunnan in the south and Heilongjiang in the north, and is cultivated in all provinces and regions. Except for some mountainous areas in North China, northern Northeast China and northwest China, which are used for both oil and oil fiber cultivation, hemp cultivation is mostly used in other places.

Farming and fertilizing.

Cannabis is particularly sensitive to soil fertility. No matter what kind of soil or previous crop is used to cultivate hemp, attention should be paid to soil cultivation measures and the application of large amounts of organic fertilizers to achieve high and stable yields.

Deep plowing, harrowing and soil preparation before sowing.

The soil for growing cannabis must be deeply plowed, deepen the active soil layer, and plow it evenly to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, enhance the soil's ability to retain water and fertilizer, make it conducive to the development of the cannabis root system, promote the increase in plant height and stem diameter, and thereby increase yields. . The cultivation of hemp fields varies according to crop rotation, which is described as follows:

 Cultivation of hemp fields with one crop a year and continuous cropping. Most of the hemp areas in northern my country are continuously cropped once a year. After the hemp harvest last season, shallow plowing was carried out to eliminate stubble.

Carry out early autumn plowing 10-15 days after stubble removal, with a plowing depth of 20-25cm to meet the requirements of narrow plowing width and deep, even and fine soil plowing. After plowing, stand upright to dry the soil. When it rains, rake the ground to store moisture. Plow again after plowing. Rake 3-4 times in a row until the ground freezes and rake to preserve moisture for the winter. In the following spring, harrow the top, apply base fertilizer, and then rake shallowly and finely to fully mix the manure and soil, then harrow finely and level it.

Cultivation of hemp fields sown in spring. The Huanghuai Plain and southern Ma area implement a multi-year ripening system. After the harvest of the previous crop, shallow plowing is carried out to eliminate stubble, followed by deep plowing in autumn (or winter). After plowing, the soil is harrowed to preserve the pit for overwintering. In some areas, the soil is sun-dried after plowing in autumn and overwintered without harrowing. In the second year, apply basal fertilizer, plow shallowly, harrow flatly, harrow finely, and wait for spring sowing. Some hemp areas have the habit of growing hemp in borders. The direction of making a border is consistent with the direction of water flow. The length and width of the hemp border are determined according to the size of the hemp field, terrain and convenience for field operation. The Hemp District of Tai'an, Shandong Province, pays special attention to the moisture at the bottom of the hemp border. It must be irrigated before sowing to promote the emergence of complete, complete and strong hemp seedlings.

Cultivation of summer-sown hemp fields with multiple crops per year. In the hemp areas of central and southern my country, wheat stubble is used to grow hemp, especially when seeds are sown in the summer. The first crops for summer sowing of hemp are mostly overwintering crops such as barley, wheat, rapeseed, broad beans, and peas. After the previous crop is harvested, there is generally no time for deep plowing. The ground is harrowed after the remaining roots of the previous crop are removed. After harrowing is completed, furrows are dug and fertilized, that is, furrow sowing is performed. In areas with mechanical farming, you can use a round rake to rake the ground to a depth of 10 cm. Apply base fertilizer before harrowing and then harrow sow seeds.

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