Industrial Hemp Licences Are Again Being Centrally Issued In Yunnan Province China

Dec 28, 2021

Recently, in Yunnan province, China, there were another 11 industrial hemp extraction licenses issued together, which brought the number of licensed industrial hemp processing enterprises in Yunnan Province to 29. Proudly, our factory Yunan Fuya is one of them. The license issuing has attracted many attentions these days in China.

Chinese Market Has Broad Prospects In Industrial Hemp Industrialization

CBD(cannabidiol), extracted from female hemp plants, is a non-addictive ingredient in hemp, which can be widely used in medical, food, supplement, cosmetic, and other aspects.
As the application value of industrial hemp CBD is widely explored, various countries actively promote the release of policies to promote the legalization of industrial hemp. According to Market data forecast, the global CBD industry was valued at $11.36 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to worth $30.97 billion by 2026, an annual growth rate of about 22.2%. The market size of China's CBD industry in 2024 is forecasted to worth only $4.5 billion, which is still in the early stage of development and has broad prospects for future development.

Handful enterprises hold the license
At present, only Yunnan province and Heilongjiang province in China, can legally grow industrial hemp. In Yunnan, for example, industrial hemp is strictly regulated from cultivation to processing, requiring at least four approved licenses. They are the Yunnan Province Industrial Hemp Cultivation License for planting, and the pre-approval of Industrial Hemp Mosaic Processing Project, Trial Production License for Industrial Hemp Processing, and Yunnan Province Industrial Hemp Processing License for processing are successively involved in processing. There are dozens of companies licensed to grow industrial hemp, however, only 29 companies licensed to process it in Yunnan Province, and our factory Yunan Fuya is one of them.

Our factory Fuya adopt the global exclusive extraction technology called HSCCC ( high-speed countercurrent chromatograph) to extract the products with new liquid-liquid partition chromatography (LLPC) method. Enjoying stable, reliable, and effective performance, the machine can be flexibly handled with large processing capacity. It can extract the monomer components of hemp with high purity and remove THC directly. We have legal licenses in China and professional technology, all these thing promise our high quality and adequate supply of hemp products.  

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