Join MISO at ICBC Berlin 2024!

Feb 22, 2024

Exciting news! MiSo team is thrilled to announce our participation in this year's ICBC in Berlin, Germany. If you're eager to explore new opportunities in CBD business, functional food supplements, skincare, and healthcare ingredients, then be sure to visit us at MiSo Booth #444.


Why ICBC Berlin?

Europe stands as the world's second-largest cannabis market, and ICBC represents the premier cannabis expo on the continent. It presents an ideal platform to connect with industry titans from around the globe, as well as influential political and business figures from Germany. With over 400 exhibitors, 5000 attendees, and cannabis experts hailing from 80+ countries, ICBC promises unparalleled networking opportunities for your CBD business, alongside insights into the latest industry news and technology.


Why MiSo Bio.?

Hunan MiSo Biosciences Co., Ltd. stands as a foremost CBD manufacturer based in China. From cultivation and harvesting to processing, we conduct our CBD operations in full compliance with legal regulations, ensuring strict quality control every step of the way. With thousands of hectares of industrial hemp planting bases and a 40000 square meter workshop located in Yunnan Province, China, our operations adhere to GMP standards, and we have been certified with cGMP this year. This commitment to excellence guarantees both our global CBD supply capacity and the high quality of our CBD products.


We place great emphasis on research and development, supported by two of our own research companies and collaborations with professional universities and institutes. From seed to finished goods, we continuously strive to enhance our products to meet global standards and cater to the diverse needs of our customers.


Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive research and development services to the cannabis industry across various domains, encompassing feasibility studies for cannabis projects, applications of industrial hemp, and the refinement of hemp seed nutrition and medical cannabis product development. Leveraging our research and development capabilities, we facilitate the creation of cannabis-based medicines and health products, ensuring innovation and excellence in every aspect of our work. 


Join us in 2024 to forge valuable connections and engage in discussions about the future of the industry.


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