Malaysia to Learn from Thailand on Safe, Effective Use of Medical Cannabis Products

Sep 21, 2022

After Thailand, Malaysia plan to introduce legal framework of CBD (cannabidiol) for medicinal purposes in national wide this year. It is expected to be formally implemented next year. This framework will make some medicinal products containing cannabidiols legal in Malaysia. It can be foresee that Malaysia is hopefully joining Asia medical cannabis legalization circles in 2023.


Last month, Khairy Jamaluddin the Minister of Health of Malaysia had a 4 days’ working visit in Thailand to learn on safe, effective use of medical cannabis products. Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Anuttin Charnvirakul invited Khairy to visit the government's cannabis plant planting demonstration area. Malaysia showed its interest in studying Thailand's cannabis policy, expressed its intention to learn and share information with Thailand. This showed its determination to legalize medical cannabis at the same time.


We wants to know more about the use of cannabis and its medicinal products, said the country's health Minister.


Thailand had introduced their medical cannabis policy, plant cultivation and its medical use.

The history of edible and medical use of cannabis can be traced back to 300 years ago, this is long before it was on the list, Anuttin said, “ fortunately, it has been successfully removed from the drug list, however, except the part which THC potency exceed 0.2%.” THC is the main psychoactive agent in the cannabis plant.


I have also asked Anutin to look into the possibility for Malaysia to supply Thailand with raw material of ketum leaves and plants,he said.


Khairy also thanked Anutin for the invite to learn about the potential use of cannabis and ketum as well as the legal framework for its medical use.


I would like to congratulate Anutin and Thailands Public Health Ministry which has successfully turned cannabis into something that brings benefit to the health and well being of Thai people,he said.


Anutin also introduced content of the website set by government for cannabis application. The content meet all requirements of related policies including Cannabis cultivation at the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Thailand, and Food and Drug Commission's website registry, as well as Medical Science and Technology Administration regulations on cannabis extracts.


Medical cannabis now has been registered as herb medicine on National List of Medicine. All patients who are in the Health and Safety System can be treated with medical cannabis products.” Anutin Said,” If Malaysia will proceed the similar policies as Thailand, we are expecting more associated research and development on cannabis for medicinal purpose.


Khairy said that for more safe and effective, they also talked about the potential and chance on providing Malaysia Cannabis-related medical products through Government Pharmaceutical Agency of Thailand on the purpose of clinical research.


According to the report, except Government Pharmaceutical Agency, Khairy also visited Kangmin International Hospital, one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia, to learn about the specific practice of tourism medicine.

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