New Survey Details The Growing Importance of Cannabis

Nov 16, 2022

A new survey from Ayr shows that 70% of respondents purchasing cannabis for the holidays are buying enough to share with friends and family. And the incoming thanksgiving day will be another cannabis feast. Will you be one of them this year?

The survey found that 90% of cannabis consumers plan to buy at least as much cannabis for the holiday season this year as they did in 2021, despite the impact inflation is having on consumers’ shopping budgets in 2022. Seven out of 10 said they would be stocking up on enough cannabis to share with friends and family.

This study was conducted in October 2022, surveyed more than 1,600 Americans on their Thanksgiving and holiday season cannabis consumption habits, beliefs and purchasing patterns.

  ●  90% of cannabis consumers plan to purchase the same amount of cannabis or more than they usually do for this holiday season.

  ●   70% of those stocking up are purchasing cannabis to ensure they have enough to share with friends, family and chosen family.

  ●   24% of cannabis consumers say they will spend $100 or more for Thanksgiving.

  ●   34% of cannabis consumers are likely to serve infused food on Thanksgiving.

  ●   Of people who consume cannabis on Thanksgiving, 65% said it will replace alcohol.

  ●   54% say they will consume cannabis with friends on Thanksgiving.

  ●   24% say they are consuming cannabis on Thanksgiving to deal with family drama.

It’s no wonder that Green Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, has become the second highest-grossing cannabis sales day of each year, even over the cannabis holiday 4/20 as consumers and patients line up to stock up on cannabis for the long weekend ahead. When surveyed about their shopping plans, respondents indicated they will indeed take advantage of Green Wednesday promotions this year:

  ●   55% of consumers plan to purchase or consume cannabis on Green Wednesday.

  ●   32% of those that are purchasing on Green Wednesday are spending $100 dollars or more.

  ●   40% of those buying on Green Wednesday are purchasing for themselves and gifting.

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