Principle application of endocannabinoids

Oct 18, 2020

1. From the perspective of evolution, there are few opportunities to obtain natural fat in nature, but fat is essential for maintaining the normal function of cells. Therefore, when animals come into contact with fatty foods, their bodies instinctively want to eat Strong instructions for a meal. However, for human beings, fatty food is no longer a rare thing, and this instinct to secrete lust hormones when encountering high-oil and high-fat foods has increasingly caused obesity, diabetes and cancer and other diseases.

2. The results of this research may help people find a way to solve this problem-for example, blocking the transmission of addictive signals by using drugs to control the reception of endocannabinoids by cells. If the endocannabinoids are blocked in the brain, people will feel anxiety and sadness, but this drug actually works outside the brain, so it will not cause the side effects mentioned above.

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