The Premium Plan for Your Holiday CBD

Nov 24, 2022

According recent study that more than 70% of people in US buy cannabis products to share with  their friends and family on holidays. Retailers are busying on stocking CBD products for this holiday. With increasing use of CBD products, CBD material stock is decreasing in a faster way than previous years. If you are in short of resource of CBD raw material supplier, today you are in right place.

Know more about Hunan MiSo Bioscience

Hunan MiSo Biosciences Co., Ltd. located in the central city of China. We are one of the subsidiaries and the international exclusive distributor of listed company Hunan FangSheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 603998), which is a leading biopharmaceuticals manufacturer in China, and it has been engaged in pharmaceutical industry for 19 years. MiSo Bio is devoted to offering premium products and quality service all over the world.


Our factory is also one of the subsidiaries of Hunan FangSheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , and all CBD products from our factory are sold through MiSo. On the early of the year, weve done Industrial and commercial registration of changes. Our factory now is one of our stockholders.


An International Stable CBD Supplier

We are one of few China licensed world's largest hemp cultivator and processor. Our factory is in charge of hemp breeding , planting, producing. We obtained Licenses of Industrial Hemp Breeding, Planting and Processing, which are highly regulated by government. Our planting base is more than 8 million square meters now. 


Our monthly capacity is up to 5000kgs. The third lab test reports and COAs are available by any time. Samples also available before bulking orders. All our products are fly to clients. If you want delivery in different way, feel free to check with us.


Built under pharmaceutical standards, quality always our most important thing! No matter how many orders we had, we done quality check before sending to clients. We also test and build profile for each new batch of our products. If you have interest on visiting our factory, contact us!

Best Seller of Hunan MiSo Bioscience

Our best seller now is 99% CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD oil is the second. They won their own marketing places by their different benefits. The main difference is that CBD isolate is a high pure single ingredient CBD product. With the increasing need of market, our CBD isolate has been the best seller for several months.


There are various CBD suppliers that are found on the market. However, choose an stable supplier is an very important decision!   


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