USA* CBD EXPO At Chicago From Oct.,28th-30th At Booth 3053

Aug 27, 2021

MiSo team will attend USA*CBD EXPO at Chicago from Oco.,28-30. and our chairman of Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd will give a speaking from the insight of China hemp industry developing & how it influences world hemp industry .

In the year of 2018, CBD and Hemp industry became an emerging star in stock market in China. Most companies who are relevant to the hemp industry, their share price in Chinese stock market kept rising 10% daily for 8 to 15 days. Suddenly, most of Chinese people knew what hemp is and what CBD is, and its value for human beings. A lot of company paid attention to and looked for opportunities in this industry.

Since the drug management is implemented very strictly by Chinese government, the enter barrier of hemp industry in China is very solid. For each company who would like to enter, they need to obtain legal licenses from Ministry of Public Security (hereinafter referred to as MPS), and the whole manufacturing process is monitored by MPS. So far, in China there are only 18 companies who got legal licenses for hemp manufacturing (until August 2021), most of those factories can only extract different purity of CBD oil and powder. There are few companies who have technology to isolate rare cannabinoids, including CBC, CBDV, THCV, CBG, CBN. Among these, only one company in China can achieve mass production of rare cannabinoids with stable supply. 

As I mentioned before Chinese government is controlling the drug quite strictly. Because there are THC in natural hemp plants, for government it is not a simple thing to issue the legal license to company for manufacturing CBD and rare cannabinoids. However, Yunnan province government would like to develop their planting and extraction industry, they are promoting hemp industry and persuade the Public Security Department to open the door for hemp industry development. So, most hemp in China are planted, extracted and purified in Yunnan, also you only can find the legal farmers and manufactories to produce CBD, rare cannabinoids and even finished products in Yunnan province.

The scientific community believes that there are more than 100 kinds of cannabinoids in cannabis plants, and the rare cannabinoids are increasingly being found their potential benefits as well as market value. CBDV helps to treat seizures and THCV offers an uplifting feel while decreasing appetite.

Currently isolating and purifying rare cannabinoids are very difficult and cost a lot in the world. Nevertheless, the plant separation and purification technology is developing very fast in China, such as an exclusive industrial grade extraction technology, HSCCC technology. Enjoying stable, reliable, and effective performance, the machine can flexibly handle with large processing capacity. It can extract the monomer components of hemp with high purity and remove THC directly. Compared with the traditional chromatography column extraction technology, it simplifies the procedures and saves costs and materials a lot. Now we can get the high-purity CBD and rich rare cannabinoids (including CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDV, THCV) over 10kg per month by one HSCCC machine, the production output can be double by adding one another machine, and the proportion of ingredients won’t change. Thanks to our patented advanced technology, we are capable for producing more rare cannabinoids. We hope all of us can enjoy the "nature's mysterious gift " for happy and healthy life.

 Welcome to visit us at booth no.#3053


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