What Are The Reasons Milk Thistle Is Beneficial?

Feb 15, 2023

Do you know milk thistle? It is a natural herbal with high medical value. Milk thistle is harvested in autumn. Its whole plant can be used as medicine.

Milk thistle is commonly used as liver protection supplement. The biggest effect is clearing heat and detoxifying, protecting the liver and benefiting the gallbladder. At the same time, it also has a certain protective effect on the human brain. Except diseases treatment, it also can prevent human body damage from radiation sources.

What Can It Do for the Liver?

1. Protect liver cell membrane

We all know that the function of liver is detoxification. That means our liver fight with many toxic substance every day. The first place those toxic substance arrived is liver cytomembrane. The milk thistle extract can help liver maintaining the circulation of the cell membrane by anti-lipid peroxidation to protect cell membrane.

2. Prevention of liver damage

Despite of toxic substance, the excessive nutrient we intake every day also can damage our liver. For example, the food with high heat and fats. If They are not fully consumed, a large amount of fat will be formed and stored in the body. That will damage our liver after the accumulating. Milk thistle can protect liver by helping to prevent these damage.

3. Improve liver cell regeneration and repair

When liver have damage and they need self-regulation and self-repairing, Milk thistle extract can bind to estradiol receptors in liver cells to promote the synthesis of structural proteins and enzymes, the synthesis of the cell's DNA. In this way, it help us well on liver cell regeneration and repair.

Who is in need of milk thistle extract?

1. People is busing on Business Dinner

People who have many business dinner is easily intake excessive nutrient and alcohol. Some people even have no time on sport to eliminate them. Those would finally cause burden even damage to your liver. By the way, too much alcohol can make liver unable to metabolize in a timely manner. At this time, alcohol will cause damage to the liver cells by Excessive oxidation of lipid components on the surface of liver cells.

2. Obese population

Liver is the main place for our body to metabolize fat. If we have too much fat, the metabolic burden of the liver will be heavy. That would cause liver problems, such as fatty liver.

If we want to reduce the burden of the liver, do not let fat accumulating in our liver. At the same time, we need control appetite, and build a regular eating habits. We can also take milk thistle extract products to protect our liver.

3. People who stay up late

Stay up late is a common problem for adult. It’s a problem easily ignored. When we get tired in daytime, we need enough rest in night. However, for many adults, night is time for entertainment instead of sleep. However, the night life is very bad for liver. If we want do something good for our liver, we can eat something that is good for the liver. Milk thistle is a good choice.


How Do You Take Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle comes in powder, capsule, pill, or liquid extract forms. You can intake it with your food, water and drinks. Some like pills or capsule, just intake them with water.

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