A New Method For Identifying Hemp Seeds Published By ASTM

Dec 1, 2021
l,0ASTM, part of the INTERNATIONAL Standards Organization, has developed a method for fast on-site assessment of the hemp seeds quality. ASTM says the standards are for people who store hemp seeds for later processing into food or food ingredients.

The standard was recently approved by the American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM) Cannabis Committee to provide guidance to farmers and other supply chain participants (plant breeders, hemp seed producers, storage facilities, laboratories and processors) while ensuring food quality and consumer safety. ASTM says the new standard could boost international trade.

Bad Hemp Seed Identification
"We want growers, food businesses, consumers and all their related parties to know that this guidance is supported by their industry as a viable and reliable way to assess potential spoilage and help their businesses provide eligible products." Said Terry Grajczyk, ASTM International member and representative of the Canadian Hemp Trade Federation.

The new standard provides a way for hemp seed identification that the seed may go bad by quantifying discolored shelled seeds. Batches or batches of samples showing more than 2% of discoloured hulled seeds are considered problematic according to the criteria. ASTM says damage can be analyzed and determined by laboratory testing. The instant identification method is not suitable for the seeds for food use and stakeholders can have the opportunity to find alternative uses for the material.

Shelled and unshelled hemp seeds.

Reduce waste
According to ASTM D8400 standard Guide for Evaluating Hemp Seed Damage for Human Consumption, "earlier when damage is detected,  more product waste will be reduced, and the decision to reposition other viable uses will likely help in evaluating price, discounts, and recyclable seeds."
ASTM, the American Society for Testing Materials, says its guidelines on hemp seeds are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as international standards from the World Trade Organization.

New Standard Guidline for Hemp Seed Damage Evaluation
1. This guide provides a quick, intuitive, on-site assessment of hemp seed deterioration that will help manage food quality and productivity while maintaining consumer safety.
2. This guide provides a method for idnetifying potentially spoiled Hemp seeds samples by quantifying discolored (dark yellow or brown) unshelled hemp seeds. Batches or batch samples showing more than 2% of discoloured unshelled seeds were identified as having problems.

3. This damage test can be verified by a laboratory that provides an analysis certificate. In combination with peroxide value (PV) and free fatty acid (FFA) content or other methods, the results will help determine the acceptability of large numbers/lots of seeds. In addition, trained groups can complete sensory tests, but this should be used in conjunction with other tests.

4. It is recommended that, where possible, test results obtained from samples be reported with error range to ensure statistical significance or relevant results.

Scope of Application
This guide covers visual assessment of damage to hemp seeds for human consumption. Enterprises may supplement other recognized laboratory tests as required.
This guide applies to plant breeders, hemp seed producers, storage facilities, laboratories and processors; not for Hemp seeds for planting purposes. This guide to the New Standard for Evaluating The Damage of Hemp seeds in shells is available from the ASTM website.

About the ASTM

As one of the largest voluntary standards organizations in the world, US-BASED ASTM is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for the development and publication of internationally agreed standards for materials, products, systems and services. ASTM's volunteer members represent producers, consumers, governments and academics from more than 140 countries around the world.

Hope this can help you on hemp seed identification if needed.

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