Constipation: Why choose Senna leaf extract?

Dec 22, 2023

Will you choose Senna leaf extract supplement for constipation? Constipation is a common problem many people have to face. As people believe probiotics are good for intestinal adjustment, they believe they are also good for constipation. According to a survey with 2557 people involved, a total of 37% of the general population with self-reported constipation had tried probiotics, compared with 11% of those. There is high usage and perceived evidence for probiotics among people with constipation. However, most GPs and gastroenterology specialists do not recommend the use of probiotics for constipation. The reason is it does not work well all the time.

Senna leaf extract is professional at constipation. It is a marvel herbal approved as a nonprescription laxative by FDA, and has gently worked its magic for centuries, nurturing our bodies and ensuring the smooth functioning of our digestive system. Today we will talk about Senna leaf extract.

What’s the constipation?

Constipation is a common digestive disorder. It can be temporary, often known as acute constipation, or chronic, which typically lasts for several weeks or longer.

Constipation often occurs when the stool moves too slowly through the digestive tract, causing it to become hard and dry. This can be due to a variety of factors including a lack of fiber or fluids in the diet, lack of physical activity, certain medications, changes in lifestyle or routine, ignoring the urge to have bowel movements, certain medical conditions, and aging.

What can we do when it comes?

Diet and water control are most common tips recommended. However, it takes time to regularize and relieve it. Before the regulation, you may need stool softeners like probiotics or senna leaf extract supplements.

What is Senna Leaf Extract?

Senna leaf extract is a potent, natural extract sourced from the vibrant leaves of the Senna plant, known by its scientific name Cassia Angustifolia Vahl.

The primary draw of Senna leaf extract lies in its powerful laxative properties. It successfully acts upon the intestines, promoting smoother bowel movements by altering the electrolyte balance to encourage fluid secretion and stimulate the intestinal muscles to contract. This natural remedy has provided countless individuals with relief from constipation.

Why not recommend probiotics for constipation?

Probiotics, or 'friendly' bacteria, contribute to gut health by restoring and maintaining the balance of the gut flora, improving overall digestive health, and potentially easing conditions like constipation over time. They support the body's own processes and foster a healthier gut environment, but their effects may be more preventive and long-term rather than immediate. It is generally used as an antidiarrheic.

Contrarily, senna leaf is a potent natural laxative that directly stimulates the intestines to encourage bowel movements, providing much quicker relief. It acts as a short-term solution to constipation, particularly when immediate relief is necessary.

The impact of senna leaf extract is onset relatively quickly, usually within hours after intake. In contrast, probiotics work overtime to balance gut flora and may take several days or weeks before noticeable effects take place.

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The advantage of Senna leaf extract

The flavor of Senna leaf is sweet and bitter, and it is cool in nature. It is particularly good at treating constipation caused by heat accumulation. Constipation caused by heat accumulation is mainly caused by external or internal heat leading to actual heat constipation.

Therefore, people with constipation due to heat often exhibit other symptoms caused by actual heat.

For example, people with wind-heat syndrome may exhibit sore throat, fever, headache, etc. If the lungs and stomach have heat, symptoms such as bad breath, toothache, dry throat, bitter mouth, and thirst can be seen. If the lower focus has heat, symptoms such as dark yellow urine or painful urination may be present.


In conclusion, Senna leaf extract is potentially a highly effective treatment option for constipation, particularly when this condition is connected to heat accumulation in the body, according to traditional medicine. Its sweet and bitter properties, along with its cool nature, may help to effectively alleviate symptoms and provide relief for people suffering from constipation. If you are seeking senna leaf extract sources, welcome to contact Hunan MiSo Biosciences for COAs.

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