The First Industrial Communication Online Meeting Between Yunnan Industrial Hemp Industry Association and Thailand Industrial Hemp Industry Association

May 24, 2022

According the news from Yunnan Industrial Hemp Industry Association, on May 17, 2022, the first industrial communication online meeting between Yunnan Industrial Hemp Industry Association and Thailand Industrial Hemp Industry Association has been held successfully. This meeting was achieved under the effect of Yunnan Industrial Hemp Industry and the strong support and organization of Mr. Nat Vimonchandra, Commercial Consul of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Kunming China.


During the meeting, those questions have been talked: hemp industrial policies of the two countries, the status of industrial hemp germplasm, the development of industrial hemp products application and so on.


Mr. Shuming Yang, the general manager of industrial hemp industry investment co., Ltd. of Yunnan province who is the president unite of Yunnan Industrial Hemp Industry Association, has introduced his company and its achievements since its establishment in high-quality industrial hemp germplasm breeding and multiplication, products development, and the scientific research projects, etc.. He also introduced related Chinese policies regarding domestic industrial hemp industry, and came up with that hope to have specific cooperation with the same industrial companies in Thailand under the push of both sides.


The representative of the Industrial Hemp Industry Association of Thailand introduced current industrial hemp policy in Thailand as well. Due to still in infancy stage, beneficial cannabinoids including CBD are lack of raw materials for production, and the legislation of products application is also imperfect. Therefore, it need time to open the Thailand market. Currently, only industrial hemp germplasm and related industrial equipments are allowed to enter the Thailand market. In terms of food and daily chemical application, it is still limited to industrial hemp leaf.


According to the Thai representative, the Thai Ministry of Public Health is responsible for the approval of cannabis cultivation, processing and medical application. In order to orderly promote the development of industrial marijuana in Thailand, the Thai government would introduce a law on people's application to grow marijuana soon.

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