Will CBD Make You Hungry?

Apr 17, 2022

New comer always have many worries about CBD oils. Hungry is one of them. As people know THC can make you hungry, so people may also think CBD can make you hungry, since they were from similar plant: hemp and marijuana. Here we are to clear your doubts.

Why THC make you feel hungry?

When you’re stomach is empty, your body releases a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone sends a signal to your brain to alert you that it’s time to fill that belly. Once you start eating, and your stomach registers the refuelling, the hormone release turns off.

But when you use THC, this can increase the release of ghrelin and trigger the feeling of hunger even if your stomach isn’t empty. Hence, that craving for sweet or salty foods that has you raiding the cupboard.

What’s more, THC increases your body’s release of dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in your brain. So, as a result, eating becomes more pleasurable. It can even boost your sense of taste and smell. That’s why those stale Cheesies and week-old chocolate cake taste so much better when you’re high.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

CBD can not make you hungry while THC do. Most of CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, even have, it will be very low potency, because legal CBD oil is under strict restrain with THC as low as 0.3%. It’s too low to make you have effects of THC.

However, CBD has the ability to increase your appetite by reducing some of the symptoms that could affect your hunger. Here’s how:

·        Reduces Anxiety: Anxiety and stress don’t just affect your mind, but your entire body. These emotional and psychological changes in the body often have a direct effect on the stomach and digestive tract, which can cause you to lose your appetite. By reducing anxiety, CBD helps to recover your appetite. 

·        Reduces Nausea: There are many different reasons to experience nausea; it could be due to anxiety, digestive disorders, and even chronic illnesses. No matter the reason, one of the downsides to feeling nauseous is that it affects your appetite. Since nausea affects many people with different conditions, studies are being done to discover new ways of reducing it. That’s why studies, such as this study on chemotherapy-induced nausea, are now using CBD as a way to reduce nausea.  

·        Relaxes Digestive System: The cells in the lining of the stomach and small intestine produce and release hormones that control the functions of the digestive system, including appetite. This means that when your digestive system isn’t functioning properly, then it can have a direct affect on your appetite as well. By using CBD oil, you can help relieve digestive problems, support the immune system, and improve your gut’s health; all of which play a role in your appetite.

Does CBD Aid Weight Loss?

According to numerous studies conducted over the years, it was found that CBD is very beneficial in reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, manage chronic pain, etc. Studies are showing that all these factors are associated with weight gain.

Many animal studies conducted over the years have found that CBD could boost metabolism and reduce the intake of food. It was also found that CBD can promote the browning of fat cells, the fat that burns calories and generates heat.

During a study conducted in 2016, the researchers have found that CBD plays a major role in the body’s interaction with fat. The study found that CBD helped in converting the white fat cells into brown fat cells. According to the researchers, CBD helped the body to break down fats more efficiently.


Although CBD may aid your appetite, it’s slow, that not make you hungry. Its benefits on pain, stress and anxiety relief, relaxing, and sleep help can aid you a good health. Health is important, and it associates our family and work. All we want is a good work and better life, aren’t you?

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