• 2022-02-02
    A small new study showed that Medical Cannabis Use Reduces Opioid Prescriptions. No matter whether medical cannabis can replace drugs use like opioid or not, it’s a good thing for those who is looking forward a better treatment on pain reduce.
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  • 2022-01-27
    Good things always worth to try, people put CBD in anywhere it can, also food. This is a wonderful and easier way to have CBD. But there are also many things you need to know when try to cooking with CBD, because you may not generosity your CBD dosage on learning.
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  • 2022-01-20
    Why choose full spectrum CBD oil? We all know it has so many potency benefits, also on Entourage Effect. If you want to know more why, read more.
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  • 2022-01-19
    Such a good thing like CBD, how can you stop yourself. However, even CBD for skin disease dose not intake into body directly as edible CBD, we also need more attention when we choose them.
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  • 2022-01-13
    Study Found Hemp Compounds Can Prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells
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  • 2022-01-12
    People may know not more about ADHD, but sometimes have similar symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Those mood problem often make you not good. When you find the way to regulation your mood, will you considerate CBD?
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  • 2022-01-07
    Brands always be priority when purchase things, including CBD products, because people believe them. However, not all people finally buy brands CBD products.If you are not choose the brands CBD products, what kind of things you may pay attention to?
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  • 2022-01-05
    As a pharmaceutic based company, We always treat QUALITY as our top priority. Nowadays, CBD test method and standard among different labs is inconsistent all over the world, so the test result will be also different. To make sure our quality is high-level , we send our same samples to at least three different certified labs .We are so proud that all test results are great. High quality is always our pursue.
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  • 2021-12-28
    Recently, in Yunnan province, China, there were another 11 industrial hemp extraction licenses issued together, which brought the number of licensed industrial hemp processing enterprises in Yunnan Province to 29. The license issuing has attracted many attentions these days in China.
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  • 2021-12-21
    Nowadays, more and more CBD products dizzied shoppers on such a shopping season, because many of them have similar name but different potency. If you are not diligent enough, you may get one not really you want. Here today, we do such a thing to clear the confusion between hemp oil and hemp seed oil.
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  • 2021-12-16
    This morning so many sounds are on one thing: The European Parliament allowed THC levels in industrial hemp crops to increase from 0.2% to 0.3%. In addition, if farmers plant those hemp varieties included in the EU catalog with a maximum THC level of 0.3%, they will be able to receive financial support.
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  • 2021-12-14
    Like THC and CBD, each cannabinoid comes with its own unique benefits. Minor cannabinoids can treat a wide range of illnesses and ailments—from inhibiting cancer cell growth to clearing up acne. But do you know the different effect of each minor cannabinoids? Here is talking about four main minor cannabinoids. Read More.
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